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School Bus Driver / Lacroix Bus Service

Centre Partenaires pour l'emploi / Partners for Employment Centre

Temps partiel • Hearst Région

HEY! HEY! Hornepayne Community

Lacroix Bus Service is reaching out to you, the community, to help us find a dedicated, caring person willing to become our next school bus driver who will be responsible for transporting the children of Hornepayne safely to/from school.

Who drives our buses? People just like you!

  • Early Retirees
  • Stay at Home Moms
  • Stay at Home Dads
  • Self-Employed
  • Part-time Employees
  • Anyone who loves kids and loves to drive

Why choose us?

  • $80 for 3 hours of work
  • Take your little one to work with you - they are allowed to ride along
  • Freedom - this job can be performed by multiple drivers on a shared schedule
  • Flexibility to accommodate your personal schedule/needs
  • Evenings, weekends, holidays and summers off
  • Training is provided at no cost to you


  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Valid Class B driver's license preferred
  • Valid Class G license - Training provided to upgrade to a Class B

Thank you for your consideration, support and dedication.

Call: 705-372-5709

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Centre Partenaires pour l'emploi / Partners for Employment Centre

Téléphone: 705-372-5709
Hornepayne Hornepayne, ON P0M 1Z0, Canada

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