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Grill Cook

Hearst Husky

Temps partiel • Hearst Région

We have a grill cook opening at the Husky Restaurant

Part Time 16/32hrs week

We are looking for someone who would be available days and evenings.  If you have experience in cooking this would be great, but if you don't and would be willing to try, we would be pleased to train you. 

Please contatct Carmen or Marc at Hearst Husky

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Hearst Husky

Téléphone: 705-362-4868
Télécopieur: 705-372-1911
Hearst Hearst, ON, Canada

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il y a 3 semaines

Grill Cook

Temps partiel – Hearst
il y a 3 semaines


Temps partiel – Hearst
il y a 3 semaines

Gas Attendant / Cashier

Temps partiel – Hearst

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